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Spring 2015 - Men's fashion today
What is it this spring male fashion - lumberjack style? Checkered shirt, old jeans and within the adult man who knows how to change your car tires. Yeah, I recognize myself but I wonder, but that is not what could the gang then fit into that fashion. Or rather, I think I know. I went for a some time ago cousin's wedding in southern Finland and when sitting and waiting for an affordable unknown man wine glass beside a bunch of friends, so I found a bit awkward silence, I would even say bathering. Functioning as a man, I decided to tweak a bit of discussion, the subject should come up only. We talk of the at least one man always acts as a bunch of friends, so no choice but to open your mouth: - In that I bought myself a new chain saw, it long Partner. Have you tried that pattern, or what kind of machine you can find in your garage? This debate is, therefore, started with the word "bought" and ended about two seconds later, sitting next to guy's comment: - I do not have a garage, I travel with train. The guy was just kind of annoying looking prig and felt owning the whole of Europe in the sitting, blowing rings from cigar. Wanted to mop the entire floor with that guy, but his fashion costume looked so much expensive, it would not be enough for Mr. Jones's annual salary to replace it. 

It is otherwise wedding fashion changed, there was not much in this traditional bride frills -wedding suite, more like that of modern style (so, at least myself that I interpreted), but one thing that really belong to me. Pretty bride, however, was. It was reportedly the whole morning and the morning sat in the salon, in Espoo, Finland, was put on hair and makeup, and coloring and nails. Was very grateful from my wedding gift, from a vase, which make and model I got to choose from the list of the finished store. Familiar hinted to me of that when I was taking wedding gift free promotional gift have learned from reflectors and a few really great promotional pen. Not reportedly would be right smart. I believed my friend and probably supported - at least for the happy couple on, not my wallet. But I got in that business you, however, very easily. I was in fact with pre-school aged child trade and then there is no reason a lot of time with. The trip must be able to do very quickly or else going on both nerves. 

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